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It was always about the human. That maggot had invested his leader's processor - whereas he had not. Every little mess up was ignored, and Starscream was sure it would not be for long, he assumed his master was just simply too caught up in the human that he would punish him later, but the punishment never came. So he tested with his leader, he fooled with other mechs, and flaunted with that of his master's own leader; and yet Megatron's optics never once gave him the attention he desired.
Megatron had given him a task, get the boy, wherever he is, with whoever he is with, and Starscream had carelessly snarled at the task and turned on his heel and left his master to cackle and cry over the wishes of torture and harm he would inflict upon the human, and Starscream could only drag his talons into the armour of his chest plates as he curse the life of human and wished he had never interrupted the order of things. The Decepticons on-going take over of the Earth would have been so much simpler without the boy's tactics and involvement.

Another snarl escaped Starscream as he finished the task at hand, hissing lubricant and grime over the boy and his two other minions. Starscream's hissed as he watched the maggot stumble backward, and he edged forwards - talons reaching out to grab and squish the Earth worm in his servo, feel the beautiful, fragile pop of his insides as they escaped him - but a push and a tumble made him realise he was no longer ordered to do with the boy as he pleased as Megatron stepped forward and his voice whispered to the worm. Soft.

Something Starscream had never encountered of his warlord. Another hiss escaped him as he paced the floor of the broken warehouse and crushed the broken car pieces under the claws of his feet. He stood, straight as his warlord spoke to the human, "Closer," he heard in a delicate voice and his optics followed the human, targeting all of the spots he was sure could break with one simple crunch.

But Megatron had other plans for his human - the possession of the worm sickened Starscream, the laughter of his tyrant echoing the walls of the warehouse as he probed the little human - holding him down with his talons and - ugh. Sickening to be so weakened by the pathetic life of a hideous, ugly creature such as the Witwicky boy himself.

There was only a part of Starscream that was evidently thankful for the interruption of Prime at that moment, when he was sure his warlord would simply take the boy to himself and torture him, slowly, enjoying the pain inflicted - but Starscream knew his leader was not authorized, for it was his job to torture the maggots, his job to take control of them and his Spark that needed the attention of the otherwise occupied tyrant.

The dismantlement of his arm was worth the risk of the anger inflicted on him through his tyrant after they were pacing the top of a building. Finally, he had his warlord's attention, and in the silence of Megatron's anger he planned his moment to attack the little maggot, and crush him beneath the ground - without a simple peep from the interrupting, disgusting Samuel Witwicky.
Hasbro owns Transformers.
idea is mine, posted something similar on my old broflove account but i lost it.
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Flamesinger Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011  Student General Artist
So that's why Starscream was so mad at Sam, and kept spitting on him. I kinda wondered about that. :D Great story!
br0flove Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012  Student Writer
Hahaha. I used to have another version but I deleted it, ugh!
I love the idea though.
KillMarioLoveBowser Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Student Writer
Yay, finally nome ROTF stuff! :iconimhappiestplz:
br0flove Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Student Writer
Haha :')
KillMarioLoveBowser Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Student Writer
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